Stacey Seirra the “Conductor.”

The Moses of her people Harriet Tubman.  Just like Moses she helped people escape from the bondage of slavery.  Also known as the “conductor” of the underground railroad during the turbulent 1850’s was also enslaved and escaped,  refused to live under the oppression of slavery and found the courage to liberate herself and those she loved….

#WEWOKE the play coming to Dallas Public Library

#WEWOKE the Play, has hit the Dallas Ft-worth metroplex with a Blast from the Past!  This thrilling production by producer Antoinette Titus, Co-producer Crystal Manning; of In The Spirit Entertainment Foundation; Director Jason Schulman (Greiner Arts Academy) and In the Spirit’ Entertainment Foundation, announce the Summer premier of #WEWOKE a sold out hit preview on March 18th 2018 To…