Event for the Pandemic Lifestyle

It has been a rough 2021 and its holiday season mental breakdowns are on the rise. Many of us are facing challenges that can be stressful, overwhelming, and cause strong emotions in adults and children. To reduce the spread of COVID-19 social distancing can make us feel isolated and lonely. Common psychological reactions toward the COVID-19 are difficulty concentrating, sleeping, physical problems, chronic health problems, increased alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

In the Spirit Entertainment Foundation, Inc has come up with a coping event to help during this time to get adults out of the pandemic zone. The event supports Love, Self-Love and Mental Awareness for the community to attend. The first plan of action, creating the three series of events Love & Sip. The events were created to uplift the challenges we all have endured during the pandemic.

Creating the atmosphere was the most important part for the events. In the Spirit Entertainment Foundation, Inc hired a top notched event decorating company, Inspired Assurance Events and More, that created a beautiful atmosphere and theme for each Love & Sip event. This company is located in Dallas Texas and will give free consultation for your event ideas. We are always excited to give our concept to this Top notched company and they always give above and beyond excellence at the completion.

The Love & Sip event is one of In the Spirit Entertainment’s luxury events that is designed for social engagement, and live talent from the community to perform. The cast for this event includes all genres of actors, actresses, artist, authors, comedians, dancers, disc jockeys, musicians, poets and singers. The event also equips professional relationship coaching, mental health awareness, chef’s, cook’s and small business owners to come together under one roof to inspire and build mental strength together. The event is an all-in-one networking engagement to collaborate and showcase food, drinks, products and talent. The amazing Sponsors that have donated gifts for this event are the ones that empower the guest and have undertaken a huge support in completing the cause without any incentives. In the Spirit Entertainment Foundation, Inc would like to give special recognition to City Men Cook, Seacret Company, Soul and Salsa Magazine, and In the Spirit Entertainment, LLC for their contributions.

Venue selections are one of the major challenges and triumphs for an event, finding the perfect venue is far from easy. Venue location, capacity, cost and management staff is very important when seeking an event. Selecting a venue is a task, is it in a safe location, how is the parking, how is the safety? All of those questions are just a few that In the Spirit Entertainment Foundation, Inc thoroughly encounter. Event venue location tour is the next blog we will discuss, and the challenges encountered.

Love & Sip is a series of mental health awareness events that occurred during the year of 2021. The three successful events targeted the Dallas-Ft worth area in the State of Texas. All events have challenges, however In the Spirit Entertainment Foundation, Inc succeeded rain, sleet, snow, no show performers and no-show vendors, as well as complying to pandemic safety with the agreement to present the luxury event the community deserve.

In closing, acknowledging a great appreciation to all of the cast of the Love & Sip series, 1, 2, and 3. Grammy award winners, In the Spirit Entertainment award winners, and the talent that are incredible that provided high energy performances and went above and beyond excellence to make the series in 2021 a success during the Covid 19 pandemic.

For more information on performers and the Love & Sip series, sponsors and interest of the Love & Sip series 2022 please go to


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