5 Types of Performers to Have at Your Next Party

Looking to make your next party the most memorable one yet? Booking the right entertainment is vital to take your event from good to great — and put on a show that everyone will be talking about for years to come. There are many different types of entertainment that you can use to conduct a successful party.


Here are 5 types of performers to have at your next party.


1. Clowns

You can hire a clown to provide entertainment for friends at your child’s birthday party. Children typically enjoy clowns, and the professionals also have many talents that can keep kids entertained for an extensive period of time. Party clowns can often perform magic tricks, tell jokes and twist balloons to make a diverse range of impressive balloon structures. Many clowns can also conduct fun birthday party games, such as bozo buckets, musical games, and other circus games.


2. Magician

Everybody loves magic, you want your guests to leave with something they will never forget. Whether you are entertaining children or adults, a magician will bring a fun, relaxing atmosphere your guests will be talking about for years to come. A good magician, such as Adam Wylie allows for audience participation, which brings life to the show and has everyone involved.


3. Caricature Artists

Caricature artists will make your event a blast!  In just mere moments, artists will sketch hilarious cartoon pictures of you and your guests.  Kids are enthralled, adults are entertained, and everyone leaves with a caricature as a party favor.  Whether your event is corporate or private, caricatures lend the perfect touch at birthdays, wedding receptions, banquets, holiday parties, late night graduation parties, picnics, college events…you get the picture!


4. Face Painter

Want to turn into a tiger? Or maybe a rainbow butterfly? Our professional face painters got you covered. Face painting is one of the easiest ways to take your kid’s party to the next level and to get kids excited.


5. Hypnotist

Hire a hypnotist for your next party! Booking a comedy hypnotist can be a fantastic choice for entertainment for your corporate seminar, sales meeting or private special events. When you hire a good event hypnotist, there’s a great chance that your party will be a hit because of the level of audience participation that good comedy hypnotists, corporate hypnotists, stage hypnotists or party hypnotist’s show typically involves.


There are a whole host of different types of entertainment out there to suit your occasion. In fact, the only limit is probably your imagination!



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