The Rhonda Ross

Uplifting, passionate and an inspiration is how I describe Rhonda Ross, a sensational jazz vocalist, with a little neo soul, turned up the stage at the  2018 TBAAL Riverfront Jazz Festival in Dallas Texas.    The essence of her glamour and grace pours out of her soul into her every being as an artist on and off  the stage.  Rhonda Ross a singer songwriter, mother, and wife.  The daughter of the “The Boss Diana Ross” and Motown Records founder Berry Gordy and the wife of Jazz musician Rodney Kendrick and the mother of  Raif-Henok Emmanuel Kendrick.

Dallas, accessibly located in the center of the country, is a prime spot for an exciting national festival to attract tourists. Simultaneously, it gives Dallas/Fort Worth residents an opportunity to partake in a major music festival and to see on three stages some of the world’s best national and international mainstream, cutting-edge, traditional and contemporary jazz artists and performers. The festival featured an array of renowned music artists from around the world where patrons experienced a gumbo of jazz, blues, R&B and soul music. Also, there was a stage for Promising Young Artists from Dallas/Fort Worth, showcasing youth from area schools and noteworthy jazz and music programs in a day-long of back-to-back performances. For three days, the 2018 festival attendees browsed  and shopped through vendor booths, experience diverse foods and enjoy music performances. Produced by TBAAL, the Riverfront Jazz Festival promises to be another one of Dallas’ annual major attractions for patrons, thousands of tourists and Dallas citizens.

RJay,  actor and host for In the Spirit Entertainment® chats with The Rhonda Ross at the The Black Academy Arts and Letters Riverfront Jazz Festival. Rhonda Ross discussion of  the importance of preserving the arts and black culture.  Rhonda Ross states in the interview, “Curtis King has worked 42 years to document and preserve the black arts and culture”. “It is important for all artist as myself to give back and help preserve our culture and history, give the flowers now, and the founder of TBAAL Curtis King, deserves his flowers now. “He has preserved Arts and  Black Culture around the globe and we all should help its our history.”  Check out our prime-time interview with The Rhonda Ross and RJay, host of In the Spirit Entertainment® and find out about the movie and additional plans for 2019.




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