Stacey Seirra the “Conductor.”


The Moses of her people Harriet Tubman.  Just like Moses she helped people escape from the bondage of slavery.  Also known as the “conductor” of the underground railroad during the turbulent 1850’s was also enslaved and escaped,  refused to live under the oppression of slavery and found the courage to liberate herself and those she loved.

Stacey Seirra, actress and dancer who portrays Harriet Tubman in #WeWoke the Play states, “The audience must see Harriet through her and be in that time at that moment.”   Indeed, Stacey captures the resilience of Harriet Tubman and captivates your attention that will bring chills to your every being as if you are a passenger on the underground railroad.

harriet tubman

The passage of the fugitive slave law made Harriet Tubman’s job more dangerous. She was a fugitive slave and she was helping others escape.  Under the law anyone capturing her would be financially compensated.  Stacey states…

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