Building Courage

Enterprising, fearless, motivated, moving forward are important factors of  building the courage that  will assist you at the onset of  any road block on your journey to a purpose driven life.  Road blocks on the journey can affect our dreams, goals  and strong determination and leave us feeling hopeless, afraid, timid, and uncertain.  The energy level to push through the road blocks and finding the fight within can also diminish.  Building the courage  to conquer impossible odds, journey blocks, and simple life challenges are hard to establish if not cultivated on a daily regimen.  I would like to share simple daily building blocks that you  can work on to assist in cultivating positive motivation during trials and triumphs.  Lets take a risk in greatness!

Having strong faith in God will add fuel to the fire. Being courageous to live your dreams, set your goals, and to have the faith that you will succeed will make you stronger and better. All setbacks, set-ups are just learning lessons. Faith builds us to weather all storms and to know regardless we will be

  • Staying focused on your goal helps you to take action despite uncertain circumstances.
  • Proactive instead of reactive, look for ways in all aspects of life to be prepared.  Prepare for presentations, prepare for auditions, set goals for your life journey. Being prepared for potential outcomes helps you stay ahead of potential issues.
  • No comfort zone when you are moving forward with dreams and goals. Taking small steps in low-risk situations that make you uncomfortable. Practice facing fears in difficult scenarios that we don’t want to face. Boost your confidence and courage in terrible situations.  Take a class you have always wanted, a vacation, or recreate yourself each year.
  • Always celebrate milestones, goals completed, the end result.  Recognizing your achievements are simply acknowledging that you handle it and conquered it through all of your challenges, and road blocks.  Giving yourself credit and letting yourself know you can do it again.

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